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Campaign Template

User guide

The Campaign Template is a new resource for marketers at IU. It has a fresh look and feel, and it’s built to be easy to use (for you) and a driver for action (for your audience).

Read on to learn how to install and use this customizable content type.


What is the Campaign Template?

This resource gives you the flexibility to create campaign landing pages that allow creativity within the design while maintaining the IU brand's look-and-feel.

Basically, it is:

  • A customizable content type within the IU WCMS.
  • A set of tools/applications to help install, update, and manage campaign pages.
  • A set of components built to help you master best practices for campaigns.

Why use the Campaign Template?

There are multiple reasons to use this tool:

  • It specifically supports campaign goals.
  • It can be installed into any WCMS site, whether or not it is an IU Web Framework site.
  • It is clean, lightweight, and easy to customize.
  • It has a set of automation tools to help install, manage, and customize components.
  • It's dedicated to easily creating landing pages with flexibility in design and consistency with the IU brand.

Check out these examples of Campaign Template pages.

How-to guide

Best practice is to use a dedicated folder on your WCMS site for your campaign. If you don't have one, create one.

After you've installed the Campaign Template content type as outlined in the following panel, you're ready to go.

Just click on your campaign folder, select Add Content from the topline menu, and choose "Campaign" under the dropdown menu to start your Campaign Template page.

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