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Writing for the IU brand

Words are powerful, but the impact of the right words can't be quantified. Learn how to give voice to the IU brand and find all the tools you need to understand our approach to messaging.

The messages we convey and the language we use to communicate them are of critical importance to the IU brand. How we speak to our audiences deeply affects their perception of IU and impacts their choices and behavior.

Understanding IU’s editorial style

While Indiana University’s style is based on industry standards, some elements are uniquely our own. We've developed some guidelines to help you navigate the ins and outs of our approach to messaging.

Find the style guide for your needs

Writing inclusive content

When you’re creating content for IU, you’re writing for people of every background, ethnicity, ability, and gender. It’s important to keep that in mind—and to be very intentional with the language you use. 

Learn how to write accessible content

Learn more about communicating using the IU brand

Words are just one half of the story. Get familiar with our visual style to make sure you’re making the most of the iU brand.