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Designing for the IU brand

The logos we use. The colors we choose.  The images we highlight. These are all important elements of our visual identity—and using them correctly is absolutely essential to protecting the IU brand. 


More than meets the eye

Our artistic expression is as important as the words we use. Visuals position the brand, set the mood for communications, and contribute to how our audiences feel when engaging with the university. We want you to be confident in the way you put the IU brand into action. With this practical set of tools, you have the freedom to create materials that showcase your school, unit, or department’s distinct personality.

Bring On Tomorrow toolkit

From email signatures to Zoom backgrounds to print ads, our downloadable templates make it easy for you to incorporate Bring on Tomorrow into your marketing and communications materials.

Get started

Visual language resources

Our visual language resources ensure consistency while providing the space for creativity.