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Ready to apply to IU? You’re in the right place.

Whether you’re applying to college for the first time, transferring from another school, or going back to college, we can help you through the process. Here’s how it works.

How to apply to IU

  1. Organize your info

    Before you start, you may want to make a list of all your senior-year classes and high school extracurricular activities so you’re ready to enter those in your application. Also consider whether you want to include your SAT and/or ACT test scores in your application. Test scores aren’t required to apply to IU, and admission decisions are always based on a range of factors, including your GPA, your high school courses, your extracurricular activities, your test scores (if you include them), and other achievements.

    Interested in financial aid?

    Your very first step is to fill out your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). The FAFSA may be available for you to complete as early as October 1 each year. This form is used to determine which federal grants and loans you qualify for to reduce your tuition and help you pay for college. Deadlines vary by campus, but the earlier you complete this form, the better!

    To learn about other financial support options at IU, visit our Scholarships and Awards page.

  2. Pick your campus(es)

    You can apply to any IU campus using the Apply IU app. You can apply to as many campuses as you like. You’ll apply to one campus at a time, but you can resubmit the same application to each campus, plus any materials specific to that campus’s application. If required, you’ll pay one application fee based on where you apply.

    If you only plan to apply to IU Bloomington, IU Indianapolis, and/or IU Northwest, you can choose to apply through the Common App.

    If you want to earn your IU degree completely online, visit IU Online.

    If you are applying for a graduate or professional program, visit that program’s website to find application instructions.

    Applying from outside the U.S.?

    You’ll pay an application fee for each campus you apply to.

  3. Create your online application

    Once you know what campuses you want to apply to, start your application. Remember that each campus accepts one or more of the following application types:

    Review the table at the bottom of this page to find out which application types your campus(es) will accept.

    Applying for a graduate or professional program?

    Head straight to the Admissions website for the campus or program you’re interested in.

  4. Start the application

    Follow the on-screen guidance to complete your application. With Apply IU, you can save your application at any time (without submitting it) and finish it later.

    Applying to IU Bloomington?

    An essay is required as part of your application. If you are applying through the Common Application, you can choose from any of the essay prompts in the application. If you are applying through Apply IU, you’ll be asked to write a 200- to 400-word essay on a prompt you’ll see in the application, and you can upload the document directly to your application (look for “Essay Question” in the Additional Information section).

  5. Tell us what majors or programs you’re interested in

    You’ll be required to choose a major* you’re interested in at each campus (or a degree program** if you’re applying to IU Online). This just helps us to do a better job of guiding you based on your goals and interests. You can always change your major later.

    *A major is a general area of focus for your undergraduate studies.
    **A degree program is a specific course of study for earning a certain degree.

    Not sure what you want to major in?

    That’s totally okay—lots of incoming students start college without declaring a major! Just look for the Undecided or Exploratory option, or choose a General Studies option. Your choice won’t affect your campus admission decision, and you’ll be able to choose a different major later if you change your mind.

  6. Check your deadlines

    If you’re applying to multiple campuses, they may have different application deadlines. You’ll want to submit your completed Apply IU application by the earliest deadline (see the application requirements table on this page for a handy list).

    When can you expect to hear something?

    You’ll hear directly from the campuses you applied to about decisions and next steps, but each IU campus has a slightly different schedule for reviewing and responding to applications. Head to the Admissions section of each campus’s website to find more info.

Application requirements by campus

Along with official transcripts, here’s what each individual IU campus requires. Remember that IU is test-optional, which means ACT and SAT scores are not required to apply.

Campus Essay required? Application fee Application types accepted Deadline

IU Bloomington


Yes $65

November 1
(early action (non-binding)*)

February 1
(regular admission)

IU Indianapolis Yes $65

Fall semester

  • November 1: priority deadline for maximum merit scholarship consideration
  • February 15: priority deadline for consideration for admission-based and competitive scholarships
  • June 1: priority deadline

Spring semester

  • December 1: priority deadline
IU Columbus No None

July 15
(fall semester)

December 15
(spring semester)

IU East No None

February 15
(priority deadline for consideration for admission-based scholarships)

May 1
(priority admission**)

August 16
(regular admission)

IU Fort Wayne No $65

August 1
(fall semester)

December 15
(spring semester)

IU Kokomo No None Rolling admission
IU Northwest No

None for Apply IU

None for mail-in

$15 for Common App

Rolling admission
IU South Bend No None

Rolling admission

IU Southeast No None 10 days before the start of the semester
IU Online (any campus) No None

Rolling admission

NOTE: U.S. applicants will, if required, pay only one application fee for all campuses equal to the highest fee on the list of campuses they apply to. International students will pay a $65 application fee per campus. All fees are per term, so if you apply to IU again for another term, you’ll need to pay the application fee again.

While some campuses accept multiple application types, you only need to submit one.

For incoming first-year applications: If you want to apply to multiple campuses, you should complete the Apply IU application by the earliest deadline of the campuses you select.

*To be considered for IU Academic Scholarships, you must submit a complete application by the early action deadline, November 1. The early action deadline is non-binding, meaning that even if you’re accepted, you’re not required to enroll at IU Bloomington.

**If the campus you’re applying to has a Priority Admission deadline, this is the deadline to submit your application for scholarships and financial aid. If you miss this deadline, you may still be eligible for some scholarships or financial aid, but you’ll need to contact the Admissions office on that campus to confirm.

What’s next?

Learn more about paying for college, visiting IU campuses, or choosing a major.