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The Billboard component is similar to the Hero component. It gives you the chance to break up the text on your page, highlight a piece of information with an image, and provide a link.



  • An image is required, so be sure to include one. If you don't add an image, the system will insert a random image.
  • The image can be displayed on the right or the left side of the billboard.
  • The CTA can be styled as a button or a regular link.
  • The description field only accommodates up to 100 words, so keep it concise but engaging.
  • You can set your CTA link to open in a new window/tab.

How-to guide

Size an image and make it accessible

Because the Campaign Template billboard is derived from the Rivet design system, its image should have a 3:2 aspect radio, such as 600 x 400. Learn more about the Rivet billboard design.

Be sure to include alternative text for your image. Alt text is a description of what's in the photo, not a caption, and is required for accessibility purposes. See the WebAIM website for more information on writing alt text for images.

I want my link to open in a new window/tab

It's easy: Just select the "Open the link in new window/tab?" checkbox and submit the page.

a screenshot of editing billboard component

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