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Transfer to IU

We welcome transfer applicants to every IU campus. Learn what’s required to submit your transfer application and find your new home at IU.
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How to apply as a transfer student

If you’ve completed at least 12 semester hours of college coursework after high school graduation, you’re eligible to apply to IU as a transfer student.

Steps to apply

  1. Start your Apply IU application

    Follow the application process described on the How to Apply page. You’ll follow the same basic steps as a first-year applicant, but you’ll be asked to provide a few additional details.

    Transferring from another IU campus or as an international student?

    To apply for a permanent transfer from one IU campus to another, you’ll follow the same process as a student applying to transfer from another university. For more information, or to learn about temporary intercampus transfers, visit the Admissions website of the IU campus you’re interested in transferring to.

    Students transferring to IU from an academic institution outside of the U.S. should contact admissions from the campus they are applying to.

  2. Add the colleges you’ve attended

    While completing the Apply IU application, look for “Colleges and Universities Information” in the Academic Info section. To add the college(s) you’ve attended, search for one at a time by city, state, and country, and select your college from the list of results.
  3. Fill in the details

    Enter your dates of attendance, the number of credit hours you completed, and any degrees you earned at each college.
  4. Submit your application

    Follow the instructions to complete the rest of the application, pay your application fee, and submit your application for consideration.
  5. Request transcripts

    Request official college transcripts from every college you’ve attended (as well as your official high school transcripts, if required) to be sent to the IU campuses you’re applying to. Addresses and email addresses for electronic transcript delivery are listed in the “Transfer applications by campus” table on this page. Students may need to submit more than one official transcript to show the completion of any in-progress work. Failure to produce a final transcript could result in taking unnecessary coursework for your IU degree.
  6. Meet priority deadlines

    To qualify for priority admission, all your application materials (including transcripts) must be received by the priority deadline*. Priority deadlines vary by campus. You can find application deadlines for each campus by visiting campus Admissions sites directly.


    A priority deadline is the deadline to submit your application for scholarships and financial aid. If you miss this deadline, you may still be eligible for some scholarships or financial aid, but you’ll need to contact the campus Admissions office(s) to confirm.
  7. Watch for correspondence from your campus(es).

    You’ll hear directly from the IU campus(es) you applied to about any additional documentation required, as well as admission decisions and next steps.

    For additional information, visit the University Transfer office.

Transfer admission standards

Admission standards vary by campus, but some general rules apply to all IU transfer applications, including:

  • At the time of your application to IU, you must be eligible to return to your previous college (you cannot be under suspension or probation for academic or other reasons).
  • If you’ve completed less than 26 college semester hours (or 39 quarter hours), you’ll be required to meet first-year admission standards, and your official high school transcript or GED report will also be required.
    • At IU East, the minimum is 12 college semester hours.
  • Transfer applications to IU Online will be subject to the admission standards and process of the specific degree program’s home campus.

Note: Application requirements and standards may differ for international students, adult applicants, or those who last attended college more than three years ago. Some academic programs or schools at IU campuses may have higher standards and/or specific requirements for admission in addition to those listed here.

Get transfer application information by campus

IU Admissions staff and admissions counselors are always happy to help. Reach out directly to the Office of Admissions at the specific campus(es) you're interested in.

How your credits will transfer to IU

When you join us as a transfer student, there are many ways through which you might be awarded credit towards your IU degree—including completed coursework, demonstrated proficiency in a subject, and other experiences in your background.

To better understand the various types of transfer credit and how they might apply to you, check out more on Transferring Credit.

Although IU will make a formal assessment of your college transcripts when you apply, you can use our Credit Explorer tool to get an idea of how your coursework from previous colleges or universities will count towards your IU degree.

See how your credits will transfer

Good news! Our Credit Explorer is a great tool to see how your personal coursework and test credits will transfer to IU.

Visit the Credit Explorer

What’s next?

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