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The Indiana University Brand

This is our promise

At Indiana University, we champion a relentless pursuit of opportunities, a fearless confrontation of challenges, and an unwavering dedication to our goals. This steadfast dedication fosters resilience, ignites creativity, and empowers us to boldly step outside our comfort zones, driving positive transformations in our lives and making meaningful contributions to a better world.

While some merely dream of the future, at IU, we are creating it.

A female student stands on the IU Indianapolis campus and smiles into the distance. Her red shirt has a white IU trident.

This is who we are

A brand isn’t a tagline, logo, or even a marketing campaign. It’s who we are. Built within and radiating out, it’s the feeling people get when they think about us, and the narrative told and retold for generations. Indiana University’s brand lives in the hearts and minds of our campus community.

IU instructor wearing a lab coat and showing a digital model of a human brain on a screen

Bring On Tomorrow brand spot

At Indiana University, we can’t wait for tomorrow. Because we believe that what lies around the corner is exhilarating. So, we embrace it with boldness and bravery. Daring to challenge conventions. Taking the lead instead of following the crowd.

See how we’re creating a better tomorrow, today.

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Bringing the brand to life

As members of the IU community, we are all brand ambassadors. This resource site outlines how to deliver powerful, positive, and consistent brand experiences across touchpoints.

This site will be updated regularly with additional tools and new strategies for content, web, and design. We encourage you to reach out to us at if you have ideas or suggestions for additional resources.