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Cost and Financial Aid

How much does it cost to attend IU?

With tuition and fees that vary by campus, IU puts you in the driver’s seat to select the right financial fit. Your total cost may also include housing, dining, and other expenses like books, supplies, and transportation.

Take a look at the numbers

Tuition and fees vary at each Indiana University campus. As you look at total costs, keep in mind that financial aid, scholarships and awards, a part-time job, and student loans can all factor into what you will pay for your degree.

IU tuition

IU Bloomington IUPUI Regional Campuses IU Online
Undergraduate, Indiana Resident $11,220 $9,944 $7,067.36–$8,580.28 $235.59–$306.67/ credit hour 
Undergraduate, Nonresident $37,600 $31,626 $14,342–$20,029.44 $340.92–$1,131.07/ credit hour
Graduate, resident and nonresident Varies by program

Cost ranges shown are for tuition only. Actual costs of attending IU, including room and board, books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses, vary by student, based on student choice, travel habits, and academic program.

Flat-fee tuition at IU helps you get the most for your money

Indiana University campuses* offer a flat-fee tuition when you register for 12 to 18 credit hours per semester. By maximizing the number of credits you take within this range, you can make the most of your tuition payments and work toward graduating on time. Most degree programs require you to average 15.5 credit hours per semester to graduate in the traditional eight semesters (four-years).

*Flat-fee tuition is not available at IU Online.

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MoneySmarts calculator

Estimate how much your IU education will cost, including tuition, activity fees, technology fees, and more. The MoneySmarts calculator helps you see all of the costs to get a full picture of your educational investment.
Check out the calculator

Questions? We’re here to help.

Have questions about scholarships, grants, or awards? The Admissions office at each IU campus will connect you with someone who can help.

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