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Relevant statistics and figures build trust with your reader.

More than one set can sometimes be useful, but using too many can dilute your message and crowd the layout.

You can create a maximum of four statistics per component.



  • You can use symbols, such as a plus sign or a greater-than sign, with the numbers in your statistics.
  • Always include the source/date information in the "Note" field at the top of the Statistic Group chunk. It will show up underneath the row of statistics on your page.
  • Links are not supported to avoid distractions for visitors.
  • You can have a maximum of four statistics in one Stats component.
  • Use either all-lowercase or all-uppercase for the text in your statistics.
  • Use concise phrases or single-word descriptions for your statistics. Do not use complete sentences. 

How-to guide

Express "more than"

You don't have to create special characters to indicate "more than" or other qualifiers. The  <, >, and + characters are natively supported.

the editing interface of stats component 



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