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The hero is the top section of your page. It holds your title, an image, and copy that introduces the reader to what they’ll find on the page.

This is your opportunity to grab their attention and entice them to begin their journey.



  • Craft a benefit-focused title so visitors are inspired to read through your whole page.
  • Choose an image that illustrates the topic of your page or the offer you're making.
  • Ensure the image you use has alt text before you bring it into your page.
  • Use compelling copy that keeps visitors on the page and/or drives them to action.
  • If you use a button/link, make sure the words convey a clear directive to act.
  • The Hero component can also be used as a text-only component; an image is not required.
  • Do not use the H1 heading in a hero that is not at the top of a page.

How-to guide

Use an image

It's best practice to use an image in a Hero component if it's at the top of your page.

Because the Campaign Template hero is derived from the Rivet design system, the image should use a 3:2 aspect ratio, such as 900 x 600. Learn more about the Rivet hero design.

Note: Be sure to include alternative text for your image. Alt text is a description of what's in the photo, not a caption, and is required for accessibility purposes. See the WebAIM website for more information on writing alt text for images.

Add a button/link

Select the "With Button?" checkbox under the Description field.

checkbox of with button?

Use Hero as a text-only component

Deselect the "With Image?" checkbox at the top of the Hero chunk.

un-select checkbox of with image?

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