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Campaign Template


The Campaign Template has six component types, which you can use in any combination to create your page.

Here, we guide you through those types and how to use them.

Common settings

While the fields in each component differ, they all have the following four settings:

  • css-id: If the analytics team has given you a CSS-ID, put it here. It creates analytics code to track user actions (clicks, etc.) on this component within your page. Otherwise, leave it blank.

  • type: The dropdown list defaults to “built in,” which enables you to select from the six built-in components. The other option is “shared component,” about which you can learn more on its dedicated pages. You will usually want to stay with the default.

  • name: The dropdown list holds the component types to choose from: Hero, Interactive Panels, Stats, Billboard, and Quote. When you make your selection, the fields that appear below it will differ depending on your choice.

  • allow override: Check the box if you want to use local overrides to customize the component on the page.


The Campaign Template has six component types you can use to compose your page. To get more-specific details on each component type, see their individual documentation pages.

  • Hero

    The topmost component is your opportunity to grab visitors' attention and entice them to begin their journey.

  • Interactive Panels

    Break up your text, grab visitors' attention, and enhance your content with links.

  • Stats

    Build trust by providing relevant statistics and figures.

  • Billboard

    Break up your text, highlight information with an image, and provide a link.

  • Quote

    Highlight a testimonial from an authority on your subject.

  • Form

    Engage visitors and give them a place to take action and provide information.

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