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Make an Impact

Be part of something bigger

At IU, global engagement is for everyone. Today’s biggest challenges, from climate change to overpopulation, food and water security, inequality, and global public health aren’t contained by geographic boundaries. That’s why at IU, we actively work to connect you to the world, and the world to you.
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Expand your worldview

IU’s six Global Gateways connect students and faculty to international universities, institutes, and organizations in countries around the world, providing opportunities to get involved in global research initiatives and professional programs. Participate in international conferences and workshops, gain experience in international internships, and more.
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Lead the way

IU supports international research projects and partnerships that drive positive change and deepen our engagement with the world. Whether it’s working on a natural disaster response with the US Embassy in Mexico, addressing U.S. election infrastructure security, or studying environmental damage in Namibia, IU research is transforming health, justice, business, and society around the world.
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Creating global connections

IU’s Global Connections program pairs faculty and staff with members of the IU Office of the Vice President of International Affairs to harness the power of our international network. The program will connect IU classes to peer classes overseas, help to develop a flexible research-based exchange, convene reading groups that bring IU students in a particular discipline together with their counterparts across the world, and more.
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