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About IU

IU at a glance

In 1820, IU became one of the first public universities west of the Allegheny Mountains. Today it’s one of the top public research universities in the world. Learn about how far we’ve come—and some major milestones along the way.

Becoming IU

After classes began in 1825, with an enrollment of 10 men, IU demonstrated a progressive commitment to inclusion and diversity.

  • 1867: IU became one of the first state universities to admit women.
  • 1869: Sarah Parke Morrison became the first woman to graduate from IU.
  • 1895: Marcellus Neal became IU’s first African American graduate.
  • 1919: Frances Marshall became IU’s first female African American graduate.

IU today: An expansive community

Today, the IU community represents a diverse cross-section of people from all backgrounds and cultures across current students and faculty.

  • 69,000+ degree-seeking undergraduate students
  • 20,000+ students in graduate and professional programs
  • 7,200+ international students from 164 countries
  • 21,000+ faculty and staff university-wide
  • 44,500+ total affiliated IU employees (including students and temporary workers)
of degree-seeking domestic students are multiracial, African American, American Indian, Asian American, Hispanic, or Pacific Islander
of instructional faculty members are multiracial, African American, American Indian, Asian American, Hispanic, or Pacific Islander

Focusing on new horizons

IU began to expand beyond Bloomington in 1921, when courses were first offered in another location (Gary and Lake County), kicking off another 100 years of growth and innovation.

IU today: A world-class institution

Today IU spans seven campuses and two regional centers across Indiana and partner locations around the globe, with resources that allow us to broaden our impact and make an IU education accessible to more people.

  • 930+ academic programs university-wide
  • 20,000+ classes offered each semester
  • 200+ museums, institutes, and research centers
  • $1.1 billion+ in financial aid awarded in 2021
  • $397 million+ in institutional gift aid and loans in 2021
Two IU medical students talking in the hallway of a doctor's office

Leading the way in health

See how IU is setting new standards for education and helping graduates build thriving career paths in health sciences.
Learn about health at IU
of degree-seeking undergraduates receive financial aid
of Bachelor’s degree recipients graduate with no student debt

A vibrant student life

From active student organizations to exciting study abroad programs, spirited Division I and NAIA athletics to inclusive intramural sports teams, IU campuses offer a multifaceted college experience for every student.

  • 1,500+ student clubs and organizations across all IU campuses
  • 40 Division I sports teams at IU Bloomington and IU Indianapolis
  • 65+ NAIA athletic teams across six regional campuses
  • 380+ study abroad programs in more than 70 countries
IU students across all seven campuses study abroad each year.

A commitment to outcomes

Throughout our history, IU has been dedicated to empowering our students and faculty to cultivate meaningful careers, develop lifelong connections, and make an impact on the world.

  • 760,000+ IU alumni around the world
  • 160+ IU Alumni Association chapters and groups worldwide
  • IU alumni and faculty have earned ten Nobel Prizes, 23 Pulitzer Prizes, 110 Olympic Medals, and 379 Fulbright Awards.
  • IU faculty and graduates in the performing arts have won four Tonys, six Oscars, 33 Emmys, and 66 Grammys.

*All statistics are current as of 2023.

Shaping the world

IU alumni and faculty are responsible for discovering the structure of DNA, becoming Africa’s first elected female head of state, chairing the 9/11 Commission, and pioneering the use of cord blood stem cell transplants, among many other incredible achievements.

Get to know IU

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