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About IU

IU locations

Beginning with our roots in Bloomington, Indiana, IU is now a major multi-campus university system with locations across the state and the world.

IU campuses

IU's core campuses are IU Bloomington, our oldest and largest campus, and IUPUI, an urban campus that will become IU Indianapolis in July 2024.

The statewide IU system includes five additional campuses, two regional centers, and nine School of Medicine campuses across Indiana.

Core campuses

Our core campuses in Bloomington and Indianapolis give students the opportunity to choose a traditional setting or a big-city environment.

Regional campuses

Our regional campuses offer 4-year IU degrees and graduate degrees in small-campus environments throughout the state.

Regional centers

Regional centers of IUPUI include IUPUC, which will become IU Columbus in July 2024, and IU Fort Wayne, which offers health science degrees.

IU around the world

Our numerous international engagements allow students and faculty to pursue their goals through partnerships across the globe.

Global Gateways

Visit our Global Gateways to find universities, institutes, and organizations around the world who work with IU to create opportunities for research, partnerships, conferences, workshops, overseas study, and internships.

Study abroad centers

For the past 50+ years, IU’s study abroad centers have helped thousands of IU students to enrich their educations by completing part of their degree requirements through prestigious academic institutions abroad.

  • Bologna study abroad center

    Offers an immersive Italian program for IU students through the University of Bologna, as well as opportunities for Italian undergraduate and graduate students to study at IU campuses in the U.S.

  • Madrid study abroad center

    Participates in the Madrid Program, an advanced Spanish program offered at the Complutense University of Madrid through a partnership with IU, Purdue, and the University of Wisconsin

study abroad programs
students who have participated in immersive language programs through IU study abroad centers

International alumni chapters

Connect with other IU alums abroad through 48+ alumni chapters across major global regions, including:


  • North Africa
  • Sub-Saharan Africa


  • North America (Canada)
  • Latin America (Central & South America)


  • Central & Inner Asia
  • East Asia
  • Middle East
  • Southeast Asia
  • South Asia


  • Russia & Eastern Europe
  • Western Europe


  • Australia

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