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A female researcher wearing a white lab coat peers into a microscope, the lab space behind her is filled with equipment and two other researchers. A large IU Trident stands behind her with a brain scan image within it.

Bring on tomorrow

Bring on tomorrow

At Indiana University, we’re building a better future through research, education, and service to our local and global communities. We’re launching bold new initiatives in business, healthcare, science, technology, and the arts. While others dream of the future, we’re creating it.

Indiana University is moving the world forward and creating a better tomorrow, today.

Pamela Whitten President of Indiana University

Areas of expertise

Leading the Way to Excellence

Business. Health. Science. The Humanities. Art. Technology. No matter what the topic, at IU, we’re relentlessly pursuing breakthrough discoveries and global engagement initiatives. We intend to transform the future for the better. And we’ll make it happen. So, Bring On Tomorrow.

Three people gather around a wall of sticky notes.
Bring on


Indiana University is innovating at the speed of life, making transformational discoveries that reshape the world around us.

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Two people standing in front of an observatory look up, with the night sky illuminating them from behind.
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Earth and Space Science

Indiana University is working to protect Earth and uncover the universe's secrets.

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A researcher wearing a lab coat looks through a microscope.
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Indiana University is making discoveries that improve human health, combat climate change, and move our society forward.

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Two healthcare providers talk about patient care.
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Better health

Indiana University is shaping the future of public health through transformative education and groundbreaking research.

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A woman works at a kiosk next to a supercomputer.
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Indiana University is a technology powerhouse, powering innovation and shaping what's next.

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A female student stands next to a table where an older woman sits; a white robot stands on the table in front of them both.
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Artificial Intelligence

Indiana University is using AI to revolutionize the way we work, treat patients, and live.

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Two student interns walk through a business courtyard, a glass-walled building stands behind them.
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Indiana University is improving the business world in every way that matters, from breakthrough research programs to top-ranked academics.

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A female student stands centerstage holding her instrument, she looks out across the performance hall in front of her.
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Performing Arts

Indiana University is taking the performance arts by storm, making waves and receiving rave reviews.

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