Indiana University: 200 years in the making

Indiana University is one of the world’s foremost public institutions—and the epitome of the modern university.

Since our founding in 1820, we have expanded the frontiers of knowledge and creativity. We have improved people’s lives in our state and around the world. We have helped students of all kinds reach their potential and prepare for a lifetime of success. And now it’s time to celebrate our achievements.

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690,000+living graduates

Education and research without boundaries

IU is home to world-class business and music schools. The world’s first school of philanthropy. The nation’s first school of informatics and largest medical school. And countless other academic programs that are among the world’s best, including programs in the arts and sciences, education, engineering, law, international studies, journalism, nursing, public health, and public affairs.

We’re always looking toward the horizon, thinking about what’s next. We’re exploring ideas that lead to powerful insights. We’re working across disciplines to confront grand challenges and create life-changing solutions. And we’re teaching our students to do the same.

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