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Campaign Template


Need analytics tracking for your Campaign Template page? Here's how to set it up.

3 ways to include analytics

Comparison of Framework analytics, custom file inclusion, and custom code inclusion
Auto inclusion Shared by other pages 
Framework analytics Yes ✔ Yes ✔
Custom file inclusion No ✘ Yes ✔
Custom code inclusion No ✘ No ✘

I don't want to worry about analytics, and my campaign pages share analytics with other pages in my site


  • Your site needs to be an IU Web Framework site, meaning:
    • Your site has a Settings block and
    • Your site has an _internal/velocity folder
  • Your site has no customization on analytics, meaning:
    • Your site uses _includes/analytics.html and
    • Your site uses _includes/tag-manager.html

I want my campaign pages to share analytics with other pages, but my site is not using the IU Web Framework

I want my campaign page to use separate analytics code

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