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IU Editorial Style Guide, Letter W


We follow the UITS Standard Terms list for the style on web. Lowercase the generic term web in running copy. However, the term World Wide Web, defined as a worldwide collection of hypertext-based multimedia documents, is uppercase.

I found this photo of Ryan Gosling on the web.

The World Wide Web is the best resource for information about salad tongs.

Write website, webmaster, and webcam as one word. Other terms, like web page, are two words.

web addresses

In printed publications, avoid ending a sentence with a web address, also known as a URL (uniform resource locator). It may be helpful to your readers if you put URLs in parentheses.

Most students who have tried One.IU ( have found it easy to use.

Another technique is to highlight the URL with boldface type.

Visit the UCM website at to learn more about our services.

Try to keep a URL on one line of running copy in printed publications. If you must divide a URL at the end of a line, divide after a slash mark (/). As with phone numbers, always verify the URLs that you are citing to make sure they are correct. Also check to see if a slash mark is necessary at the end of any URL that you include in a publication.

Wells, Herman B

Note that the B in the late university chancellor’s name is not followed by a period because it doesn’t stand for a longer name.

word processing

No hyphen is used for either the noun or the adjective.

word processing software, software for word processing


Lowercase general references to the work-study program, but capitalize official references to Federal Work-Study (the program for undergraduates) and Federal Graduate Work-Study (the program for graduate students).