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IU Editorial Style Guide, Letter I


Though we prefer to set off the term Inc. with commas, many corporations do not use this style. Treat corporate names in accordance with each corporation’s preferences.

Indiana University

The following are the full names and abbreviated names of the university and its eight campuses (plus the regional centers at Columbus and Fort Wayne) in the order in which they are usually listed. Note that at is not a part of any campus name (e.g., it’s Indiana University Kokomo not Indiana University at Kokomo).

Indiana University, IU (Note: Periods are not used in IU.)

Indiana University Bloomington, IU Bloomington (no dash or hyphen; not an official campus name but may be necessary for clarity)


Indiana University East, IU East

Indiana University Kokomo, IU Kokomo

Indiana University Northwest, IU Northwest

Indiana University South Bend, IU South Bend

Indiana University Southeast, IU Southeast


IU Fort Wayne

IU Art Museum

See Eskenazi Museum of Art.

international students

The phrase international students is preferable to foreign students.


This term is not capitalized. It should not be used interchangeably with World Wide Web.


See foreign words and phrases, quotation marks, and titles of works.


Do not use periods.