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IU Editorial Style Guide, Letter M


Terminology is evolving at IU, but the term major is still acceptable, as are newer terms (e.g., plan of study).

McRobbie, Michael A.

In first references to IU’s eighteenth president, Michael A. McRobbie, use the middle initial. President McRobbie is a professor of cognitive science, computer science, informatics, and philosophy and an adjunct professor of library and information science at IU Bloomington. He is also a professor of computer technology in the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology and professor of philosophy, both at IUPUI.

His wife is Laurie Burns McRobbie. She is an adjunct faculty member in IU’s School of Informatics and Computing.

Midwest, Midwestern

Capitalize references to the Midwest of the United States. Note also that these terms are not hyphenated.


Months are not abbreviated in running text; do not use a comma if just the month and year are stated.

October 1994, not October, 1994

See also: dates.