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Training & support

We're all in this together

Everyone at IU can play a role in achieving a healthier, happier campus. We’ve created tools to help you do just that, regardless of your place within the IU community.

Two students of different genders and races stand by a campus building chatting.

We are stronger together

Some people seem to have it all figured out—or so we think. The ugly beautiful truth is that we all have our “stuff,” and it’s so much easier to face if we don’t have to go it alone. After all, we all need someone to lean on from time to time.

You can be that someone to a friend or peer. Let’s create a culture of care that’s IU Strong. We are all in this together.

Learn how to help
A student is seated in a chair while meeting with an IU staff member in their office.

Share your wisdom outside the classroom

Ever wonder or worry about a student’s mental well-being? Consider using these tools that help you help them.

See how you can help
  • Be There

    Learn to recognize warning signs of distress and support others who are struggling.

  • Seize the Awkward

    Starting a conversation about mental health does not need to be uncomfortable, and it can make all the difference. Check out these resources to learn how to support a friend – or get help for yourself.

  • Bloomington Division of Student Affairs

    Offers workshops and presentations on drug and alcohol abuse, sexual violence, and other threats to personal safety, as well as how to handle these issues as an innocent bystander.

  • IUPUI Division of Student Affairs

    Provides presentations on civic engagement, physical health, mental health, sexual misconduct & interpersonal violence prevention, and many other topics