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Let it out to let it go.

Ever feel like your emotions or feelings are like wild animals caged inside your head?

You’re not alone.

Graphic reads -Un-boxed Open up about mental health!

What is the Unboxed campaign all about?

The Unboxed campaign advocates for an honest dialog about mental health and is designed to make seeking help more approachable. The university-wide initiative encourages students to overcome the tendency to box up and suppress internal struggles.

We want young people to unpack the stress and pressures of life—to reach out and open up. We are letting them know that IU has the resources to help them accomplish this, positioning the university as an ally in their experience.

A student looks at a table with pins and t-shirts
Pins lying on a surface which read "Open up about mental health"
Students creating artwork

We are stronger together

You can make a difference in the lives of those around you. 

  • Students helping students

    Some people seem to have it all figured out—or so we think. The ugly beautiful truth is that we all have our “stuff,” and sometimes we need someone to lean on. That someone can be you.  Learn how you can be a light in someone else's life.

  • Faculty & staff helping students

    Ever wonder or worry about a student’s mental well-being? These tools are designed to help you help them. (PDF download)

Spread the word

Join us in spreading the word about student mental health services. You can choose between a digital Toolkit with social media & messaging materials or a physical Toolkit with posters, buttons, and stickers. Let us know your preference. Plus, we offer sponsorship funds for student-led mental health events on our campuses.