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IU a national leader in human-centered AI


Across Indiana University, faculty and students are working together to advance our knowledge and understanding of AI technologies, making them better, safer, more reliable, and more trustworthy. 

Fulfilling IU’s mission to create, disseminate, preserve, and apply knowledge, we are developing artificial intelligence in ways that improve the human condition and solve problems. Detecting and preventing disease, providing voice-activated assistance for the elderly, and delivering therapy to those with verbal or muscular disabilities are just a few examples of how IU faculty and students are developing AI-based technologies to improve lives. 

“It’s not about creating AI systems that are going to take over and replace people; it’s about how to make AI systems that will help us live better lives,” says David Crandall, Luddy Professor of Computer Science in the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering—the nation’s first school of informatics. He is also the director of the Luddy Artificial Intelligence Center

Recently, I sat down with Professor Crandall and Selma Sabanovic, professor of informatics and cognitive science and associate dean for faculty affairs at the Luddy School, to discuss how IU’s world-class researchers representing diverse academic backgrounds and perspectives are creating new applications and investigating the opportunities and challenges of AI. 

We discussed the profound influence of AI on people’s daily lives, how IU’s human-centered approach is important for building trust in AI, and our efforts to educate and train students with the knowledge and skills to deploy AI technologies to solve real-world problems. 

I invite you to watch our conversation and join me in celebrating the exceptional work of our faculty, students, and staff who are leading IU’s human-centered approach and harnessing the power of AI to enhance productivity, creativity, and innovation.


Pamela Whitten

Indiana University

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