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IU is at the forefront of making a social impact


True to the spirit of the season, Indiana University is at the forefront of teaching and research that is strengthening communities in need, contributing to the greater good, and transforming lives.

Eduardo Brondizio, a Distinguished Professor of Anthropology in the College of Arts and Sciences, was recently awarded the highly prestigious 2023 Volvo Environment Prize for his research examining how human-environment interactions have transformed the Amazon. He is IU’s first Volvo Environment Prize laureate, which honors outstanding scientists working in sustainability. 

This fall, we announced a grant from the Eli Lilly and Company Foundation that will enable us to transfer the vast knowledge and expertise we’ve acquired through our decades-long partnership in Kenya to improve health outcomes and address health inequities in Indiana communities. AMPATH is one of the most comprehensive and successful care programs in Africa, providing treatment and prevention services to address HIV and AIDS, as well as cancer, diabetes, maternal and child health, and mental health.

We also launched the new Midwest Center for Biodiversity in the College of Arts and Sciences at IU Bloomington—the first center studying why the Midwest is rapidly losing animals, plants, and microorganisms vital to our health. Co-directed by Ellen Ketterson, Distinguished Professor of Biology, and research scientist Alex Jahn, the center will increase awareness of the urgent response needed to deliver innovative solutions that positively alter the state of biodiversity in the region. 

Finally, IU’s Center for Rural Engagement continues to help Indiana communities meet major challenges—substance use disorder, infant mortality, obesity, mental health, chronic disease, and more. Over the past five years, the center has led hundreds of projects to strengthen our rural communities, including, rural health screeningsemotional support for veteransarts and cultural enhancements, and expert guidance for small businesses and economic development organizations.    

At IU, serving the public good is hardwired into our DNA. With the IU 2030 strategic plan providing the crucial link between our past successes and an even more promising future, we will continue to give back to our communities, crack the code to a healthier world, and catalyze innovation that truly transforms lives.


Pamela Whitten

Indiana University

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