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Celebrating the launch of the IU 2030 strategic plan


In the fall, we announced the IU 2030 strategic planning framework, launching a vision for Indiana University that will strengthen our ability to advance student success, produce transformative research and creativity, and demonstrate an unbridled commitment to serving Indiana and beyond. Thanks to the exceptional work of IU faculty, staff, and students, this vision has come to life in the form of one university-wide and eight campus-specific IU 2030 plans.

These plans, which have now been endorsed by the Indiana University Board of Trustees, reflect the unique qualities of our varied campuses, while remaining united by shared pillars and key principles. Together, they provide a roadmap that will lift IU to new heights and reaffirm IU’s rightful place within the highest tier of American public higher education.

Robust engagement from faculty, staff, and students

Hundreds of faculty, staff, and students across IU have contributed time, energy, and ideas to shape the development of initiatives proposed within each campus plan. Alongside campus leaders, they considered difficult questions; navigated competing visions, interests, and priorities; and acknowledged trade-offs as careful stewards of IU resources. This has led to strong plans that allow each campus to build on existing strengths; pursue new opportunities; and embody our shared overarching goals, objectives, and metrics.

As we begin to implement IU 2030, the invaluable expertise and experience of our faculty and staff will be particularly critical, driving the collaboration and innovation that each of these plans demand.

A bold vision for all of IU

Together, we have arrived at this pivotal moment, and our goal is nothing short of extraordinary impact—in students transformed, discoveries made, and communities strengthened. As we chart an aspirational path into IU’s third century, the leadership of our faculty, staff, and students—coupled with IU’s vast reach— will ensure that the outcomes of IU 2030 are truly felt worldwide, from Hoosier hometowns to communities across the globe.


Pamela Whitten

Indiana University

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