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Congratulations to all of our IU graduates


Starting this Friday, we are looking forward to hosting families and friends of our Indiana University graduates at commencement ceremonies throughout the state as we award 20,853 degrees. 

Our graduates come from 140 countries, all 50 states and each of Indiana’s 92 counties. Among them are 35 sets of twins. Our oldest graduate will be 79, our youngest 18. And over 900 of them will graduate with a 4.0 grade-point average. 

Behind all of these figures are individual students, each with their own story of how they got here and where they are going. Among them are students who initiated positive change on their campus, volunteering to help others thrive. Some found support from a professor, advisor or friend to overcome personal obstacles. Some balanced their education with full-time jobs or took care of family members. Some discovered their passions in research labs, through library collections or on the field at a game. All of our graduates earned an education at our world-class institution despite the challenges of a global pandemic. 

Every one of the students in our Class of 2022 will have an IU degree achieved through diligence and commitment to a goal. Each one has limitless potential and will use the lessons they’ve learned during their time with us to serve and lead others, find innovative solutions to our most pressing challenges and improve our world. 

We are proud of them all and grateful for their contributions that have made IU a better place for their fellow students. We’re also thankful for the faculty, staff and fellow students who helped them achieve this important milestone, and their families and friends whose love and support led them to seek a college education. 

Join me in congratulating our graduates and wishing them all the best as they prepare for the next step in their journey as IU alumni.


Pamela Whitten

Indiana University

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