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Indiana University's solidarity with our Jewish community is steadfast


As our Jewish community at Indiana University prepares for Passover, I'd like to make clear that Indiana University strongly supports our Jewish students, faculty and staff. This year, we have witnessed a number of abhorrent and unacceptable antisemitic incidents that have made many feel unwelcome and even unsafe on our campuses.

In meetings with our Jewish students, faculty and staff throughout this year, I've heard how deeply these issues impact their daily lives and their experience at IU.

There is no place for hate at Indiana University. IU always takes incidents of antisemitism and hate seriously, and we prioritize the safety of those who are targeted. IU adopted the American Jewish Committee's definition of antisemitism in 2018 and continues to stand against antisemitism. If you experience or see an incident of bias, please report it using our bias incident response website.

At IU, we are committed to being welcoming, inclusive and respectful of everyone in our campus communities and beyond. This sense of community and openness is what attracts many students, faculty and staff to our university and is a point of pride for all of us.

In response to recent incidents, I've witnessed an outpouring of concern and support from our IU community, which I shared with the Board of Trustees at their recent meeting and included a project launched by IU Hillel to distribute free authentic mezuzah cases, a symbol of friendship and solidarity seen across the Bloomington campus and near my office door as well as signatures on a banner in the Indiana Memorial Union with the pledge, "I stand against antisemitism." I was honored to provide one of the first signatures as part of this IU Hillel effort before it was hung in the Helene G. Simon Hillel Center during a Shabbat dinner just days ago.

These collective efforts by so many and our ongoing dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion will leave a positive impact at IU that will last longer than any hate-filled incident contrived by a few.

Indiana University's solidarity with the Jewish community is steadfast, and we remain committed to working together to ensure everyone in our IU family feels that they belong.


Pamela Whitten

Indiana University

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