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91,000 Strong

Written by Whitten - the blog of Pamela Whitten, President, Indiana University

With classes in full swing and our campuses bustling with activity, I hope you'll join me in celebrating that we have welcomed more than 91,000 students to Indiana University this fall.

The large student body reflected in the official census day records for fall 2021 is much more than a number, yet the story told within this data is worth sharing.

Among these students are a total of 23,782 degree-seeking students of color, reflecting a record enrollment level of 29 percent. This fall, we've also seen the first increase in international student enrollment since fall 2016, with 6,338 students from around the globe joining us on our campuses.

IU Bloomington broke enrollment records with 45,328 students, including an incoming freshman class of almost 9,500. These Btown students come from all 92 Indiana counties, 47 states and Washington, D.C., and 46 countries.

IUPUI also broke a record, as degree-seeking students of color made up nearly 33 percent of its student body this fall. The campus also welcomed the largest number of Hispanic/Latino students and Asian American students in its history and saw a 2 percent increase in its international student population.

Across the state on six of IU's seven regional campuses and centers, we've seen an increase in enrollment of degree-seeking students of color this year. IU East reached a new high in international student enrollment, and Hispanic/Latino students represent a record share -- 27 percent -- of IU Northwest’s student body.

The diversity of those studying at our university is an incredible source of strength, and as I meet our students who hail from a wide variety of backgrounds and bring their own unique set of experiences to IU, I am truly inspired.

As we pause to appreciate the progress represented in these numbers, let's use this positive momentum to recommit to making our campuses more welcoming, inclusive and diverse. Let's draw on our collective strengths, experiences and knowledge to put students first at IU. 

Pamela Whitten

Indiana University