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Degrees and programs

Computer Science

Doctoral and professional degree


The Ph.D. in Computer Science is a Purdue University degree offered in the Department of Computer and Information Sciences.

As a graduate student in the Department of Computer and Information Science, you will have access to a world-class education and opportunities to participate in state-of-the-art research programs

Our students, through internships and research, are presented with opportunities to collaborate across disciplines, across campus, and across the academic and business communities. You’ll graduate with technical proficiency, project management skills, communication expertise, and analytical skills needed to develop efficient solutions for the computing challenges of today and tomorrow.

Understanding the degree requirements

You must complete at least nine graduate level courses (including the two core and one specialization courses) with a GPA of 3.3 or higher. Other courses completed must be at the 500 or 600 level.

  • Theory core courses
    • CSCI 580 (Algorithms)
    • CSCI 565 (Programming Languages)
  • Systems core courses
    • CSCI 503 (OS)
    • CSCI 504 (Computer Architecture)
  • Area Specialization courses
    • Visualization, Image Processing and Machine Vision: CSCI 550, CSCI 552, CSCI 557, 590 (Multimedia)
    • Data Communication and Networking: CSCI 536, 590 (Wireless Sensor Networks)
    • Distributed Computing: CSCI 537 (Distr. Systems), 590 (Cloud Computing)
    • AI, Machine Learning and Data Analysis: CSCI 549, CSCI 573, 590 (ML)
    • Databases: CSCI 541
    • Software Engineering: CSCI 506, CSCI 507, 590 (Software Testing)
    • Security: CSCI 555, 590 (Trustworthy Computing)

M.S. courses taken within the IUPUI CS Department as part of our M.S. degree can be counted toward the Ph.D. course requirement. For students with graduate courses from another institution, the faculty will consider approving the transfer of up to 30 credits upon petition by the student. The faculty will require a copy of the syllabus for each course considered for a transfer and decisions will be made on a case by case basis.

Offered at IUPUI by School of Science

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