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Take IU with you

The improved IU Mobile app puts more of the tools you need in one place, no matter where you are. Stay updated on important university info, get easy access to IU learning resources, and manage class assignments, hours for your part-time job, and communication on campus or off.

Get IU Mobile on the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Screenshot of IU Mobile showing some of the features like degrees and majors and Canvas grades.
Screenshot of IU Mobile showing some of the features such as Crimson Card, campus map, and class schedule.

Let IU Mobile make your first year easier

If you’re new to IU, the IU Mobile app will help you adjust to life as a student. Download the app to:

  • Quickly reference info about your classes, like location, schedule, and instructor name.
  • Figure out where you’re going with campus maps, directions, and bus routes.
  • Get easy access to your Crimson Card balance.
  • Clock in and out of your job, and handle any missed punches, with Kuali Time. (Check with your supervisor for availability)
  • Keep track of advising appointments and other to-dos with customized notifications.
Screenshot showing class details such as where it is on a map, class name, instructors, and notes.

Stay connected to IU from anywhere

IU Mobile puts the tools you need at your fingertips, with a personalized experience designed around your needs. Quickly and easily access Canvas, Zoom, Kaltura, and more, and get one-click support when you need it. IU Mobile works over Wi-Fi or cellular data, so you never lose your connection to the resources you need to keep working toward your goals.

Overhead view of a student sitting and looking at their phone.

We’re serious about your privacy

You may receive notifications from IU Mobile, but the app does not do location tracking, reporting, or storing of related information.

  • IU Mobile uses Google Analytics (a common analytics platform) to collect anonymous usage data for the purpose of helping our developers improve the app. This data is not sold or shared outside of IU. 
  • IU Mobile uses IU Login and two-factor authentication to protect your information. 
  • Some data displayed in the app is also protected by your device security, including pin, fingerprint, or face id.

IU Mobile will request permission to access your location. Providing that permission is optional. When IU Mobile knows your location, it can help you navigate IU buildings, food, and computer labs.

Stay tuned for new features

We’re constantly working on new features and functionality to make the app better and enhance your IU student experience.

Spring 2023

Our spring releases are all about getting to know your campus better. Were starting with expanded transportation info and athletics features. Well also be rolling out IU Mobile campus tours visit and learn about the interesting places on your campus

Summer 2023

This summer, well be adding even more academic info for you. From advising appointments to bursar communications to your degree progress, IU Mobile will put your academic career at your fingertips.

  1. April 17, 2023 5.2.5


    Athletics now lets you see the schedule for a specific sport, from the home screen

    Improvements and fixes

    Several design improvements and bug fixes

  2. March 6, 2023 5.2.4

    Evening transportation

    IUB users now have Evening transportation, a guide to safe, reduced cost options for getting around Bloomington


    Improvements to Athletics, making it easier to find yesterdays results

    Improvements and fixes

    Various improvements and bug fixes

  3. February 27, 2023 5.2.3


    Parking details, now on your Settings screen, has information about your permits, vehicles, and citations


    Improvements to Athletics, including putting current games right where you can find them

    Improvements and fixes

    Many accessibility and design improvements and bug fixes

  4. February 3, 2023 5.2.2

    Icon selector

    A new home screen icon selector is now added to the settings page for iOS users


    Multiple improvements to dark mode and to the settings page


    Improvements to network error messages on buses, campus map, Status.IU, and home pages


    Multiple improvements to athletics


    Improvements to maps for Android users

    Improvements and fixes

    Various accessibility and design improvements and bug fixes

  5. November 17, 2022 5.2.1


    Improvements to Campus Maps, including more detail on parking locations, better bus info, and faster loading of the campus view


    Improvements to Athletics, including showing live score updates when viewing the schedule and more information in game results

    Apple Watch

    Ability to change campus from within the Apple Watch app

    Improvements and fixes

    Additional design and accessibility improvements and bug fixes

  6. October 3, 2022 5.2.0


    Athletics now has better ways to get to your teams info, and improved updating on Apple Watch


    More information is available about campus dining locations

    Bus status

    Bus info is improved, with better indications of active routes


    A bug that caused Canvas users to have to log in twice has been fixed

    Improvements and fixes

    Accessibility and design improvements

  7. August 25, 2022 5.1.2

    Improvements and fixes

    Various accessibility and design improvements and bug fixes

  8. July 2, 2022 5.0.0

    Class schedule

    Preview your schedule for your upcoming classes from the Home screen


    Add your most used IU Mobile tools including your card balances, Kuali Time, and much more to your Home screen


    The Campus tab now opens an interactive map of your campus, where you can find buildings, parking, buses, and more

    All IU Mobile

    Dont know where to look Find it on the All IU Mobile list on the More tab

    Improvements and fixes

    Various accessibility and design improvements and bug fixes

  9. June 2, 2022 4.7.0


    Campus maps have an optional 3D overlay, giving you a view of the area


    View IU Athletics on Apple Watch, including live scores for certain sports


    Exchange email is available on your home screen


    Authorization has been migrated to a new service

    Improvements and fixes

    Various accessibility and design improvements and bug fixes

  10. May 9, 2022 4.6.5

    Campus feed

    Your campus feed puts athletics, events, and news in one place on your Home Screen


    Campus maps now include bus status, and improved icons help you find the places you need

    Improvements and fixes

    Various accessibility and design improvements and bug fixes

  11. April 7, 2022 4.6.4


    New CrimsonCash, IU Print, and multiple other balance and transaction details added

    More menu

    Multiple improvements to the More menu

    Improvements and fixes

    Various accessibility and design improvements and bug fixes

  12. March 4, 2022 4.6.3


    Parking information about university garages and lots is available in campus maps, including allowed parking permits


    At IUB, laundry users can check the availability of student housing washers and dryers, and set alerts for when a machine is free


    Athletics info is now available for IUSB and IUK

    Improvements and fixes

    Many accessibility and design improvements made and bugs fixed

  13. January 31, 2022 4.6.2

    Apple Watch

    Improvements to Apple Watch app


    Added IUPUI Athletics information

    Kuali Time

    Kuali Time provides more detail about hours worked, now showing hours both per week and per pay period

    Improvements and fixes

    Many improvements and bug fixes

  14. December 13, 2021 4.6.1

    Dark mode

    You can now choose dark or light mode as a visual theme, or have IU Mobile use the system setting from your phone

    Accessibility fixes

    Various accessibility fixes

  15. November 30, 2021 4.6.0

    Apple Watch app

    You can now use IU Mobile from your Apple Watch, where you can find your CrimsonCard, class schedule, and more

    IUB Athletics

    Upcoming IUB athletic events and past results are available through a home screen widget

    Improvements and bug fixes

    Various accessibility improvements and bug fixes

  16. October 23, 2021 4.5.1

    Bus status

    Bus status now opens to your most recently selected bus routes

    Improvements and bug fixes

    Various accessibility improvements and bug fixes, including a bug that could impact your phones performance

  17. October 4, 2021 4.4.1

    IU Mobile Polls

    New polling feature added


    Multiple improvements to search

    Improvements and bug fixes

    Various accessibility improvements and bug fixes, including a bug that made some content impossible to reach

  18. August 13, 2021 4.4.0

    Kuali Time

    Some hourly employees can now use IU Mobile to clock in and out, as well as submit missed punches to Kuali Time

    Improvements and bug fixes

    A search bug that could crash the app has been fixed, along with various accessibility improvements and other fixes

  19. June 29, 2021 4.3.7


    Search now shows features within the IU Mobile app alongside other IU information

    Class schedule

    Students can export their schedule to their mobile devices calendar

  20. May 4, 2021 4.3.6

    Bus Status

    Improvements to bus maps

    Degrees Majors

    School information added to Degrees Majors

  21. April 24th, 2021 4.3.5

    First Year Experience

    New orientation features added for incoming students at IU Bloomington


    Events from added to the home screen for users at each campus

  22. March 22nd, 2021 4.3.4

    Your key contacts

    For students - find your advisor and instructor contact information on the Classes page

    Canvas grades

    For students - find your canvas grades on the classes page

    New One.IU features

    Click View all beside One.IU tasks on the homepage to find access to your One.IU favorites, recently used, and more

  23. February 4th, 2021 4.3.3

    Class schedules for instructors

    For instructors - find your Class Schedule on the Classes page

    Localized News stories for each campus

    The news widget on the homepage now shows trending articles from each campus

    New loading color scheme

    New year, new color scheme. Its a crimson trident on a white background now to improve the opening animation

    Visual updates

    Multiple visual updates to create a more consistent experience throughout the app

  24. December 10th, 2020 4.3.2

    Explore section

    Find information about applying to and attending IU in the new Explore section

    Student Organizations

    Learn about student organizations at each campus in the More section

    Horizontal and tablet views

    The app is now much easier to use on tablets and horizontal phones

  25. September 28th, 2020 4.3.1

    Search improvements

    Building photos and improved formatting on search results

    Class list view

    For students - new list view on your Class Schedule

    Moved Campus view

  26. September 22nd, 2020 4.3.0

    Class Schedule

    For students - find your Class Schedule on the Classes page

    Class Details

    For students - tap a class on your Class Schedule to find Class Details

    Canvas Dashboard

    For students - a new Dashboard of Canvas items is available on your Classes page

    Visual updates

    New visual updates including a new header have been added

  27. July 22nd, 2020 4.2.3

    No campus selected

    You can now use the app without selecting a campus

    Additional wellness links

    New wellness links added to the Get Help page

    Additional Coronavirus information

    New information added to the Coronavirus response and returning to campus section

  28. July 15th, 2020 4.2.2

    Bug fixes

    Various minor patches and improvements

  29. July 1st, 2020 4.2.1

    Degrees and Majors

    Explore IU's academic programs, sortable by type and campus

    IU Mobile updates

    That's this section Learn about what's new to the app, and what's coming soon

  30. June 15th, 2020 4.2.0

    Crimson Card

    View your Crimson Card in IU Mobile

    Crimson Cash

    View your Crimson Cash balance in the more section

  31. June 1st, 2020 4.1.0

    Coronavirus response

    Learn about Indiana University's coronavirus response

    Trending News

    Find trending articles from the IU Newsroom

  32. May 1st, 2020 4.0.1

    Help Information

    Find tech support information for your campus on the help pag

    One.iu favorites

    The app now supports your One.iu favorites on the home page

    Key dates

    Find a short list of important academic dates for your campus on the Classes page

  33. April 1st, 2020 4.0.0

    Global Search

    Search for One.iu tasks, buildings, people, and Knowledgebase articles in the app


    Log in to the app to receive personalized updates from IU notification systems


    Find buildings and navigate around your campus