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Bring on Better health

At Indiana University, we're answering the call for more healthcare professionals, advancing critical medical research, and improving patient care in our communities. A healthier future starts right now, right here.

A doctor and nurse review a medical record, while a patient receives medical care from a nurse in the background. The IU trident is overlaid with vital signs.
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Leading the Way to a Healthier Future

Indiana University faculty, staff, and students are shaping the future of public health and creating a healthier society, today.

A lab worker rinses a microscope slide in a chemical bath.

Driving advancements in biosciences

IU is investing more than $250 million to fund life science and biotechnology research on top of other significant research funding commitments. The goal? To drive life-changing discoveries and conquer disease.

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An IU nurse listens to the heartbeat of a patient with a stethoscope.

Improving health in communities

Two unique programs focusing on rural and urban environments give IU School of Medicine students the opportunity to get hands-on experience while providing critical healthcare services in underserved Indiana communities.

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A young IU doctor in her white coat smiles at the camera.
Student Success

Medical students find their perfect match

In 2023, a record-setting 99.7 percent of IU School of Medicine fourth-year students earned residency placements, further cementing the IU School of Medicine's national leadership in educating exceptional medical professionals.

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Two researchers in a lab look over a printout of results.

New diabetes treatment debuts in Indiana

IU researchers contributed to the development of the first FDA-approved drug to delay onset of type 1 diabetes. And now the first Indiana child has received it.

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A very young autistic child plays while a researcher watches.

Improving access to autism care

The Early Autism Evaluation Hub provides specialized training for primary-care doctors to deliver more accurate autism diagnoses in young children, relieving bottlenecks for families seeking intervention.

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A caregiver holds hands with a patient.

Telehealth app supports dementia caregivers

IU professors and scientists developed Brain CareNotes, an app designed for caregivers to manage their well-being and improve their ability to provide care.

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Students all work in different areas of the Sim center.
Student Success

Advancing healthcare education with new simulation center

The new simulation center at IU South Bend will better prepare nursing and radiography students for the workforce and meet the needs of healthcare professionals in the Michiana area.

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A teacher shows and explains how to splint a mans leg outdoors while a group of students listens.
Student Success

Learning to care for patients in any environment

The Wilderness Medicine group teaches students from all nine IU medical school campuses how to think creatively and provide medical care in austere environments.

Discover Wilderness Medicine

IU is helping students develop a mindset that is more collaborative and that will lead to better patient outcomes.

Dr. Angela Hatfield Clinical Assistant Professor, IU School of Medicine-Terre Haute


Pursuing Excellence in All We Do

Indiana University is fearlessly tackling society's biggest challenges. While others dream of a better future, we’re creating it. Bring on Tomorrow.

A female student stands next to a table where an older woman sits; a white robot stands on the table in front of them both.

Artificial intelligence

Indiana University is using AI to revolutionize the way we work, treat patients, and live.

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A female student stands centerstage holding her instrument, she looks out across the performance hall in front of her.

Performing Arts

Indiana University is taking the performance arts by storm, making waves and scoring top rankings.

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