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Bring on New Frontiers

At Indiana University, we're exploring the nature of the universe and making breakthrough discoveries in astronomical, earth, and atmospheric science.

Two people standing in front of an observatory look up, with the night sky illuminating them from behind. The IU trident reflects the view of the earth from space.
Expertise Highlight

Unlocking the mysteries of the universe

There's so much to discover about the world around us. That's why our researchers and students are working not only to understand our place in the universe but also how to protect the planet we call home.

Students stand in front of a wall with the conference name on it.
Student success

Preparing tomorrow's climate change leaders

IU is one of the only universities to send students to the U.N. Conference of the Parties, where they tackle climate challenges alongside world leaders.

Meet tomorrow's leaders
People stand in Kirkwood Observatory

At the forefront of astronomical discoveries

IU has been exploring the universe since 1830 and continues to make significant discoveries in astrophysics, astronomy, and more.

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A man crouches on grass, interacting with a small bird

Protecting biodiversity around the world

The Midwest Center for Biodiversity is searching for solutions for habitat loss in Indiana and globally, even reaching the peaks of the Andes Mountains.

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A person stands in a cap and gown in front of the Environmental Resilience Institute.

MPA grad tackles environmental issues in underserved areas

Cody Smith, a recent grad from IU’s top-ranked Master of Public Affairs program, is empowering vulnerable Midwestern communities in Indiana to solve their unique environmental challenges.

See Cody's work
People stand in a room with a telescope

Solar eclipse gives IU researchers unique opportunity

IU Bloomington is one of only three coordinating sites helping to capture a nearly hourlong continuous video of the sun during totality to reveal the secrets of the sun's corona.

Learn about the eclipse research
Field of satellite dishes under night sky showing the Milky Way

Space Governance Lab tackles policy in the final frontier

IU's Space Governance Lab seeks to explore the complex mix of legal, political, technical, and social challenges that result from our increasing dependence on space-based infrastructure.

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Stormy sky over a field of windmills

Students create climate models using supercomputer

Undergraduate researchers in Travis O’Brien’s lab are using IU’s high-powered computing resources to learn climate modeling techniques that reveal new insights into everyday weather patterns.

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Man smiles in front of tree

Professor wins world-renowned Volvo Environment Prize

Eduardo Brondizio won the prestigious award for his research examining how human-environment interactions have transformed the Amazon. Three laureates have gone on to win the Nobel Prize.

Learn more about the prize
Forest razed by tornado

Professor researches a tornado's impact on the environment

In the wake of a tornado at McCormick's Creek State Park, an IU professor began studying the forever-changed forests to conduct first-of-its-kind research on natural disasters’ impact on the environment.

Learn about his research
An IU researcher studying the climate, stands in the woods looking at his laptop.
Student Success

McKinney Climate Fellows earn critical job skills

Nearly 200 IU students have seized the opportunity to become sustainability leaders as McKinney Climate Fellows, helping Indiana organizations advance their climate and sustainability goals.

Meet the fellows

IU is at the forefront of solving some of society’s most pressing challenges, while providing the type of immersive student experiences and rich faculty collaborations that are at the heart of our mission as a public research university.

Pamela Whitten President, Indiana University

Areas of Expertise

Leading the Way to Excellence

Indiana University is fearlessly tackling some of society's biggest challenges. Making breakthrough discoveries in technology, medicine, and science. And transforming our world in ways both big and small.

A female student stands next to a table where an older woman sits; a white robot stands on the table in front of them both.

Artificial intelligence

AI has the potential to change everything—and we're showing the world how to make the most of it. Through projects touching business, healthcare, education, the arts, and more, we're paving the way to a more intelligent future.

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A female student stands centerstage holding her instrument, she looks out across the performance hall in front of her.

The arts

It's been said that art makes the world go round. It certainly makes life better. We're using art to improve healthcare, broaden perspectives, enable communication, and create the masterpieces of tomorrow.

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