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Domestic and International Travel

Traveling to and from campus

Members of the IU community travel to campus and other university buildings in a variety of ways, including in personal vehicles and on public transportation. Departments should encourage employees and students to maintain physical distancing recommendations of six feet when traveling to IU and may wear a mask if they choose.

Everyone is also encouraged to take additional measures to protect themselves by frequent cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces in personal vehicles and to disinfect after refueling their vehicles.

Refer to Interim Travel Guidance—COVID-19 for detailed information.

Public transit and IU vehicles

Physical distancing may not be possible when using public transportation or IU vehicles.

You can keep risks to a minimum by following CDC guidance and using the following strategies to minimize risk:

  • Encourage walking and biking as much as possible.
  • Masks continue to be required on all public transportation by federal rules.
  • Use hand sanitizer after exiting the vehicle or other means of transportation.
  • Clean/disinfect after use if traveling in an IU-provided vehicle.

Business travel for IU employees

Domestic travel is now permitted, however, other means of conducting business, such as video conferencing, are strongly encouraged.

The Travel Management Services COVID-19 webpage has full details on IU's guidance for travel within the United States.

All travel arrangements should continue to be made through Travel Management Services.

International travel

IU Global has the most up-to-date information about travel guidelines, study abroad, and other travel/international topics.

IU’s guidance on international travel is based on current CDC guidance and presidential directives, and is therefore subject to change.

All travelers, both domestic and international, are advised to follow CDC guidance for returning from travel.