Indiana University Board of Trustees


As the university's governing body, the Trustees of Indiana University have been charged by the Indiana General Assembly with a wide range of policy and decision-making authority to carry out the programs and missions of the University.


The General Assembly named the first six Trustees in the 1820 statute that created the Indiana Seminary, predecessor to Indiana University.  In 1828 the legislature changed the name of the institution to Indiana College and appointed fifteen Trustees.  In 1838 it established Indiana University and provided for a board of twenty-one members and the Governor as ex officio vice president of the board.  In 1852 the number of Trustees was reduced to eleven, and in 1855 to eight.


Although the number of Trustees did not change for over a hundred years, additional legislation set member's terms at three years, staggered the expiration of terms, and changed the manner in which Trustees were chosen.  In 1975, the General Assembly amended the statutes to add a ninth Trustee, who is appointed by the Governor and who must be a full-time student of the University during a two-year appointment.  Of the other eight members, the Governor now appoints five, and the alumni of the University elect three.



As of August 12, 2016, the Trustees are:                    


Appointed by Governor

Term Expires



James T. Morris, Chair of the Trustees


W. Quinn Buckner


Michael J. Mirro


Andrew F. Mohr


Melanie S. Walker




Student Appointed by Governor


Anna M. Williams




Elected by Indiana University Alumni


MaryEllen Kiley Bishop, Vice Chair of the Trustees


Philip N. Eskew, Jr.


Patrick A. Shoulders



Additional Officers, Appointed by the Trustees

Donald S. Lukes, Treasurer of the Trustees

Deborah A. Lemon, Secretary of the Trustees

Jacqueline A. Simmons, Assistant Secretary of the Trustees