University Information Technology Services 
FY 2015-16
All campuses1
IT Usage
High performance computing (HPC) accounts:2    15,870
HPC CPU (central processing units) hours: 153,731,120
HPC batch jobs submitted:  1,326,212
Files in High Performance File Systems attached to central HPC resources: 2,355,383,997
Storage used by High Performance File Systems: 3,785  TB
Storage capacity of High Performance File Systems: 3,839  TB (PB)
Estimated number of personally owned desktop/notebook computers:   115,000
Number of users of IU's online course management system, Oncourse CL: 137,186
Number of users of IU's online course management system, Canvas: 113,023
Support Center consulting contacts
Total Online Consulting Contacts - Online Knowledge Base page views: 13,564,247
Phone:   145,905
Email:   45,855
Walk-in:  17,890
Live chat:   24,861
Total users of training services:
   Participants in instructor-led training sessions: 8,837
   Users of eLearning courses:
   Accesses of workshop materials for self-study: 306,183
   Downloads of free online tutorials: 435,158
1 All numbers represent totals for all campuses combined; percentages are averages.
2 Moved to a new method of reporting, no longer totaling scratch directories, does not include storage 
      system accounts.