Reports: Compliance

Indiana University must comply with a wide range of state and federal reporting requirements, as well as other requests for institutional information from commercial and non-profit agencies. University Institutional Research and Reporting (UIRR) staff completes a portion of these reporting requirements for all campuses.

This section includes the required reports that provide useful information to our colleagues within the university, as well as to our institutional peers and other interested members of the community.

Common Data Set

The Common Data Set (CDS) was developed as a collaborative effort among college and university data providers and publishers as represented by the College Board, Peterson’s, and U.S. News & World Report. The CDS is available for each IU campus and includes information on admissions, student life, financial aid, faculty-to-student ratio, enrollment, graduation, and retention.

Federally Required Consumer Information

The Federal Student-Right-To-Know Act (SRKA) requires institutions to publish the graduation rates of entering full-time beginners according to a standard methodology developed by the U.S. Department of Education. The Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act requires co-educational institutions of postsecondary education that participate in a Title IV federal student financial assistance program and have an intercollegiate athletic program to prepare an annual report on athletic participation, staffing, revenues, and expenses by men’s and women’s teams. All postsecondary education institutions are also required to provide statistics on crimes that occur within the jurisdiction of campus security operations to the general public .

Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE)

The primary reporting requirements of the Indiana Commission for Higher Education (ICHE) include the annual submission of “unit-record” data files on student enrollment and student financial aid. In addition, we submit to ICHE an annual report for all campuses on performance measures and some ad hoc topical reports. This section includes links to the performance measures and recent ad hoc reports, as well as to the commission’s Web-based reporting and analysis resources.

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)

The Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS), established by the National Center for Educational Statistics (NCES), a division of the U.S. Department of Education, is a system of surveys designed to collect data from all primary providers of postsecondary education. The IPEDS system is built around a series of interrelated surveys to collect institution-level data in such areas as enrollment, program completions, faculty, staff, and finances.