IU School of Medicine

Elective Title: 93ST770 — VASCULAR SURGERY


This course is designed to provide student experience and participation in the total care of patients with vascular disease. The student will take part in the diagnosis, treatment, and convalescent care of patients. The weekly Monday conference involves discussion of interesting patient cases and proper management. Wednesday morning conferences center on pertinent vascular surgical literature and core knowledge data. The student is expected to participate in all conferences. Ward rounds with specific patient responsibility, weekly clinics, and attendance in surgery is expected for optimal experience. Opportunity is available for a clinically direct research project involvement if the student is interested.

Elective Details:

Primary Contact for Add/Drops: Megan Rendina (mrendina@iupui.edu)

Director: Michael Dalsing, M.D.

Campus: Indianapolis

Location: IU Health Methodist Hospital (Indianapolis)

Learning Objectives

  • Describe how patients present with vascular disease (recognize what a bruit sounds like, feel an abdominal aortic aneurysm, explain how to obtain an ankle/brachial index, etc)), how to confirm the diagnosis, and then what can be done to help the patient (PC2)


  • Clinical Performance Evaluation Form; (Clinical Observation)

Enrollment Information

Prerequisites: 4th year status

Availability with Max Students per Month:


Duty Hours: 40

Time Distribution: 80% Clinical; 10% Lecture; 10% Library/Research

Elective Type Category: CP - Clinical Practice

Notes and Enrollment Information:

Add/Drop Contact Person: Megan Rendina (mrendina@iupui.edu) All on-campus surgery electives will be handled through the match. Post-match results, all additions and drops for surgery electives must be approved through Megan Rendina, Surgery Clerkship Coordinator at 274-7201 or mrendina@iupui.edu. Please review and update (if necessary) the list (above) of assessment tools, including rubrics, you use to assess students. Standardized IUSM assessment tools include: Clinical Performance Evaluation (https://iu.box.com/s/lb48qxgzuixc5an9bon9) Research Evaluation Form (https://iu.box.com/s/8lqmupjsbetsucnoysqh)

Third Year Elective? No

Interprofessional Skills and Service Learning

Interprofessional Collaborative Skills: Yes

Skills Description: The Team consists of medical students, physician assistants/nurse practitioners, residents and staff

Service Learning Included: None