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This course is designed for students who are especially interested in academic medicine. Attendance and participation are required components for success in this course. Students are expected to make a tangible contribution to the case writing process by developing and assessing team-based learning modules, as well as investigating current literature on the subject. This course provides an academic context in which medical students take responsibility for their own learning. Students will investigate the application and academic success of team-based learning (TBL) as an element in undergraduate medical education. Students will also design, develop, and assess TBL modules for use in the teaching of pathology and mechanisms of disease. At the beginning of the course, students will be provided a course orientation and a timetable for submission of assignments and completion of various components of the TBL cases. Students will meet with the course director at least once each week to edit and review the progress of the TBL cases they are authoring. Evaluation of student performances will be by the course director, and, if appropriate, by a clinical faculty member chosen by the course director. Exceptionally well-written cases may be used for instruction of future students. The goals of this elective are: 1.To provide the student with an opportunity to acquire, utilize, and refine communication skills that will be helpful in their future career. 2. To facilitate the acquisition of skills and attitudes by the student related to lifelong learning. 3. To provide the student with an opportunity to research the application and success of TBL methodology in the undergraduate medical curriculum. 4. To develop skill in authoring and analyzing case studies for use as TBL modules.

Elective Details:

Primary Contact for Add/Drops: Dan Lodge-Rigal (rlodgeri@indiana.edu)

Director: Dan Lodge-Rigal, M.D.

Campus: Bloomington

Location: Online and Jordan Hall (Bloomington)

Other Faculty: None

Learning Objectives

  • 1) Apply current and acquired knowledge of Team Based Learning in developing functional and relevant team based learning exercises (PBLI1)
  • 2) Utilize literature search strategies to identify and analyze current scholarly articles on Team Based Learning (PBLI1)
  • 3) Develop effective professional communication skills through regular interaction with instructor (ISC5)
  • 4) Recognize key differences between Team Based and other Application Based Learning modalities and a traditional didactic teaching pedagogy (SBP1)


  • Professional Development Evaluation Form Completing and writing a summary of a literature search of the application of TBL teaching methodology as it applies to the student

Enrollment Information

Prerequisites: 4th year status

Availability with Max Students per Month:


Duty Hours: 40

Time Distribution: 70% Individual Study; 20% Library; 10% Faculty and Group Study

Elective Type Category: PD - Professional Development

Notes and Enrollment Information:

PLEASE SEE http://medsci.indiana.edu/c602web/tbl/docs/start.htm FOR MORE INFORMATION

Third Year Elective? No

Interprofessional Skills and Service Learning

Interprofessional Collaborative Skills: None

Service Learning Included: None