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The Forensic and Anatomic Pathology elective will primarily focus on the elements of pathology through the lens of decedents who have suffered sudden, unexplained or suspicious deaths. The student will learn through didactic lectures and hands-on experiences with autopsy, external exam, toxicology and microscopic examination of tissues.

Elective Details:

Primary Contact for Add/Drops: Suzi Tolliver(stolliv@iu.edu)

Director: Darin L. Wolfe, M.D.

Campus: Bloomington

Location: Multiple Sites

Learning Objectives

  • 1) Acquire additional skill in gross and microscopic exam of tissues involved with a variety of disease processes (MK2)
  • 2) Describe the basic principles of the autopsy exam through observation and interaction with the pathologists (PC1)
  • 3) Integrate clinical and pathological findings in context of a patient centered case report and presentation (ISC5)
  • 4) Demonstrate the elements needed to formulate cause and manner of death on a variety of cases, including suicide, homicide, accidental and natural death (MK5)


  • Clinical Performance Evaluation Form(Observation, Case presentation, Written quiz(es))

Enrollment Information

Prerequisites: 3rd or 4th year status

Availability with Max Students per Month:


Duty Hours: 40

Time Distribution: 50%Clinical; 25% Library/Research; 25% Lecture/Seminar

Elective Type Category: CP - Clinical Practice

Notes and Enrollment Information:

Add/Drop Contact Person: Suzi Tolliver(stolliv@iu.edu) While most of the work may be done in Monroe County, occasional cases would occur at Beford, Terre Haute & Indianapolis. These would be optional attendance.

Third Year Elective? Yes

Interprofessional Skills and Service Learning

Interprofessional Collaborative Skills: None

Service Learning Included: None