IU School of Medicine

Elective Title: 49MX716 — GERIATRIC MEDICINE


This is an elective aimed to provide exposure to geriatric medicine for students who are interested in geriatrics as a career option. The student will gain experience dealing with how to deliver appropriate health care to the complex older adult and their caregivers. The student will participate in both the office and nursing home practice of 4 full time geriatricians. The major emphasis of the month is on the special needs of older individuals with multiple chronic illnesses in 3 settings; the outpatient geriatric assessment clinic, the specialty outpatient clinic and in the nursing home. Importance is placed on successfully dealing with the heterogeneity of the elderly, the importance of the psychological, social and functional aspects of care, the proper utilization of palliative care strategies and the importance of sound ethical decision-making. Students will interact with residents from the St Vincent Hospital Family Medicine and Internal Medicine training programs who rotate through on their required geriatric medicine months and also with the geriatric medicine Fellow. The majority of time spent is in the clinical setting but there are core topics covered in didactic sessions covering topics such as; dementia, delirium, falls, urinary incontinence, geriatric therapeutics and normal aging. The student is required to prepare a brief presentation on a topic of their choice at the end of the month requiring library or internet research. There is no night call or weekend responsibility on this elective. We do prefer to enroll students with an interest in geriatrics as a career.

Elective Details:

Primary Contact for Add/Drops: Beth Dragoo (BVDRAGOO@ascension.org)

Director: Patrick Healey, M.D.

Campus: Indianapolis

Location: St. Vincent Hospital and Health Care Center (Indianapolis)

Other Faculty: Diane Healey, M.D. (co-director); Joan Chang, DO, Staci Hollar, MD.

Learning Objectives

  • 1) Define unique principles of geriatric medicine (MK7)
  • 2) Understand the relationship between aging change and disease-related illness (MK1)
  • 3) Understand the need for a unique approach to the care of geriatric patient (PC1)
  • 4) Appreciate the importance of understanding geriatric syndromes (MK3)
  • 5) Gain an appreciation of how a multidisciplinary focus improves outcomes in the elderly (SBP1)


  • Clinical Performance Evaluation Form; (Clinical Observation).

Enrollment Information

Prerequisites: 4th year status

Availability with Max Students per Month:


Duty Hours: 40

Time Distribution: 100% Clinical

Elective Type Category: CP - Clinical Practice

Notes and Enrollment Information:

Add/Drop Contact Person: To check availability, contact Beth Dragoo (BVDRAGOO@ascension.org). We do accept interested students with a wait list availability option.

Third Year Elective? No

Interprofessional Skills and Service Learning

Interprofessional Collaborative Skills: None

Service Learning Included: None