MSC Funding Request

This form is to be used by student interest groups and other student organizations recognized by the MSC to submit their funding requests.

Event Information

This could be but is not limited to sharing data about the affected community with your volunteers, having your group leaders briefly present the mission and outcome of your project at an Office of Medical Service-Learning meeting, sending a survey out to your volunteers afterward with a free-response section, and more.

Row # Expense Description qty. (integer please) Cost per item Total cost (auto-filled) Cost sought for MSC funding

  • Explain source/amount of any outside funding sources
  • Explain numbers that do not calculate within the table exactly
  • Explain expenses further if desired

Each event will require proof of attendance in order to be acknowledged by the MSC. This will aid in our record keeping and allow us to better communicate with IUPUI for funding purposes. In addition to event attendance, SIGs should begin taking membership attendance for appropriate classification in the SIG recognition and budgeting process.

Please complete this form no later than two weeks before your event. In addition, print out a copy for your records.