A series of short graphic novels, Young Designers was collaboratively designed by T. Kelly Wilson and Ben Hill. Young Designers was created to be included as part of the Design and Architectural Education program provided by the public schools of Columbus. Printed and designed for the third and fourth grade, Young Designers demonstrates design stories and ideas of Columbus’s architecture and art. The short stories features the Master of Mediocrity whose quest to disrupt considered design emboldens two young classmates to defend the architecture and art of Columbus by undoing his evil bidding. In doing so, these two classmates become superheroes, known as the Young Designers.

Special thanks to BCSC Foundation and the Columbus Indiana Architectural Archives.


DIDACTIC 03 Book Launch

September 7, 2016, 5:30 – 7:30 PM

This issue of DIDACTIC features the architectural history of Columbus, Indiana with nine site histories by Enrique Ramirez and photographs by Hadley Fruits. This issue also includes an examination of Eames Aluminum Group by Amy Auscherman, and a B-sides tour of Columbus by Matt Shaw.

Published by PRINTtEXT, DIDACTIC 03 is a textual supplement to the inaugural symposium for Exhibit Columbus, “Foundations and Futures.”

For more information and to register for the symposium, visit Exhibit Columbus. You can also check out our Facebook Event!

Voces Novae

March 29, 2014, 1:00 PM

IUCA+D & Voces Novae present a musical architectural walking tour of downtown Columbus, IN. Sites include Lincoln Elementary School, Cleo Rogers Memorial Library, First Christian Church Sanctuary/Loggia, Former Irwin Office Building & Corridor, Bartholomew County Veterans Memorial and The Common & Chaos 1.

Voces Novae is a Bloomington-based community chamber choir whose mission is to use music, and the arts generally, to explore ideas that enrich and inform our daily experience. Voces Novae has consistently placed the arts into unexpected or stimulating contexts, creating a fresh look at old masterpieces and presenting new works in the service of broad and interesting ideas.