How to Develop Leadership Presence

The concept of leadership presence, or executive presence, has been a buzzword in popular media for the past several years. One may define leadership presence as the ability to project self-confidence, self-assurance, and self-possession, even in situations where there is performance pressure and rigid time constraints. For example, one illustration of leadership presence is the […]

Published 6th October 2016

Why Do Employees Leave Their Jobs?

Have you ever wondered why some coworkers choose to leave their job and why others remain? Have you ever had a difficult week and wondered why you continue going in to work? Traditional turnover research has suggested that people leave their jobs due to negative job attitudes (Harman, Lee, Mitchell, Felps, & Owens, 2007). When […]

Published 22nd August 2016

Engaging Employees

Managers face a number of challenges when leading their teams. About 31.5% of Americans are engaged at work, the not engaged workforce accounts for about 51%, and the remaining 17.5% are actively disengaged. These number have a direct impact on lost productivity, absenteeism, workplace accidents, and healthcare costs. Employee engagement, which is a mutual commitment […]

Published 17th June 2016

The Emotionally Savvy Employee

Working in a university setting allows for contact with a diverse group of individuals. Have you ever wondered how some coworkers are able to “read” their boss and identify their mood? Or have you ever wondered how your supervisor is able to maintain composure under the pressure of a deadline? Emotional intelligence may provide an […]

Published 16th May 2016