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Do you see a face or a word in this noise field? Click here to see what this demonstration tells us about the brain


Research Interests

I'm interested in topics related to information processing and memory. For more information, click on the Research button above.

Expertise in Fingerprint Examiners
Fingerprint examiners spend a great deal of time looking at the highly-structured content of fingerprints. How does this change their visual systems?

EEG Research
What are the physiological correlates of lperception, memory and decision making?

Face Perception
How are faces stored in memory? Are faces recognized based on familiarity, recollection, or both?

Attention and Capacity
When recognizing simple features, how does performance degrade as additional items are added to the display?

Gamma Calibration in Java
We have written code in Java that allows monitor calibration over the web without hardware. For access to this code, click here.

Resampling Applets in Java
We have developed several java applets that perform bootstrapping and resampling. These are useful in teaching settings, and help reinforce the notions of random sampling and don't depend on distributional assumptions or crazy degrees of freedom computations. This considerably simplifies the entire process of helping students understand basic concepts such as comparing two means or computing correlations. More information is here.

More Information

To find more information, click on the links at the top of the page. There are also two other pages that describe information on the Cognitive Science and Psychology web pages.