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Degrees and programs

Nursing Education

Master of Science in Nursing


If you’ve worked in the field as a nurse, chances are you’re passionate about both helping people and working to provide the best possible patient care. If you feel a calling to mentor and train the next generation of nurses to accomplish these goals, the M.S.N. Education Track from Indiana University Kokomo is the perfect place to get started. With your daily experiences as a working nurse and the knowledge you’ll gain in the classroom, you’ll graduate from this program ready to work in a variety of fields to enhance the quality of care for all and make an impact on the future.   

Upon completion, you’ll have the skills to design course curriculum, use teaching methodologies that engage your students, assess learning, train new employees, and more! Use your clinical experiences to help mold and shape our future nurses.

This degree track is 39 credit hours completed in 6 semesters or approximately 2 years. You will begin your study with classroom-based didactic courses in a hybrid format where you’ll build the theoretical and contextual background necessary for advanced practice in nursing. The core courses include:

  • Nursing Theory
  • Nursing Research
  • Measurement and Data Analysis
  • Advanced Practice Nursing Concepts I and II
  • Introduction to Nursing Informatics

Offered at IU Kokomo by School of Nursing and Allied Health Professions