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Doctor of Philosophy


The Department of Philosophy is characterized by a commitment to integrating serious work in the history of philosophy with work on issues of contemporary philosophy, and works it consistently across different subfields in philosophy. Overlapping research interests fit together in ways that are intellectually stimulating, and the combination of work on the history of philosophy and contemporary philosophy strengthens and enriches our coverage of the core areas of philosophy.

The Philosophy Ph.D. program provides graduate students with a rich variety of contexts in which to explore their philosophical interests and to develop the skills and expertise they need to pursue a career of research and teaching. In addition to participating in departmental seminars and colloquia, students present research at national and international conferences. They publish their research in top journals and book chapters with major presses such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Routledge. Faculty in the department frequently collaborate with graduate students on research projects.

The program is distinctive in three main ways:

  • The department is committed to integrating serious work in the history of philosophy with work on issues in contemporary philosophy.
  • The faculty has a correspondingly distinctive array of research strengths in the history of philosophy, metaphysics and epistemology (including logic), and value theory.
  • In addition to taking courses in philosophy, each graduate student takes four graduate courses in another department, program, or school at Indiana University. Some students have chosen to earn joint Ph.D.s in philosophy and another department or program.

Offered at IU Bloomington by College of Arts and Sciences

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