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Degrees and programs

Curriculum & Instruction (Online)

Doctor of Education


Our Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction has two specializations: Arts Education and Science Education.

Designed to train practitioners, the 60-credit-hour Science Education program offers you the opportunity to apply research-based theories to practical settings related to teacher training and young learners' concepts of science, among other topics. You’ll also have the opportunity to deepen your knowledge in your chosen content area through advanced science coursework.

The 60-hour Arts Education program is the right choice if you prefer research that seeks practical and tangible solutions to challenges in the field of art education.

This is a rigorous program in keeping with expectations of doctoral-level work at Indiana University Bloomington. It demands a substantial commitment and offers access to the university’s vast intellectual resources. It provides not only coursework but also opportunities to conduct research, participate in scholarly publication, and gain teaching experiences in higher education.

Offered at IU Bloomington by School of Education