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Cognitive Science

Bachelor of Science in Cognitive Science


The B.S. degree in cognitive science stresses hands-on, active learning where students work with concrete examples in the classroom and labs, joining into research as soon as they enter the degree program. The Cognitive Science Program is structured to give students fundamental skills that are applicable in a wide variety of information-related careers: psychology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, media, information processing, medical analysis, data representation and information retrieval, education, scientific research, human-computer interaction, multimedia, knowledge management, and information policy. The skills also have wide applicability in technical and expository writing, mathematical analysis, experimental techniques, and computer programming.

Cognitive science explores the nature of intelligent systems, focusing on formal theories of mind and information, and seeks a better understanding of mind, learning and teaching, cognitive skills, and the development of intelligent systems designed to augment human capacities in constructive ways. Cognitive science is inherently interdisciplinary. Both natural intelligence (in humans and in animals) and artificial intelligence fall within the scope of inquiry.

Offered at IU Bloomington by College of Arts and Sciences

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