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Bachelor of Arts


The B.A. major in history prepares students to understand our changing world. The history major develops skills and tools for retrieving and interpreting the past and, in the process, for better understanding the questions and challenges of our own time. Majors are trained to interpret critically sources and stories about the full range of people living in the past to provide an understanding of issues that remain relevant today. In the process of carrying out this work, majors will develop strong research and critical skills, creative methods for recognizing patterns of information, and techniques for clear and persuasive writing essential skills for success in any career: research, analysis, synthesis, and effective writing. Courses cover a wide range of issues in all time periods and parts of the world. History students learn how change takes place, the tensions and conflicts it causes, and how individuals, groups, and societies change over time.

Offered at IU Bloomington by College of Arts and Sciences

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