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How risky is that?

Assuming those around you are wearing masks, the risk of being exposed to COVID-19 increases when:

  • You’re in an enclosed space
  • You’re in a situation for an extended period of time
  • You’re with more people in a less physically distanced space
  • You’re around others who are yelling, singing, coughing, or sneezing


  • Staying home with members of your household (if you live in a large house or communal living facility, you should wear masks in hallways and common areas to reduce your risk)
  • Walking, running, or biking outside with one other person, keeping a distance of 6 feet
  • Getting carryout
  • Having a physically distanced picnic with a small group of friends
  • Physically distanced outdoor, open-air event with a limited number of people. On-campus outdoor events
  • Virtual programs, meetings, and events


  • Playing distanced sports outside with a mask such as tennis, golf, HORSE
  • Grocery shopping
  • Shopping
  • Going to class


  • Using a rideshare
  • Eating outside at a restaurant
  • Going to a museum


  • Eating inside at a restaurant
  • Working out at a gym
  • Hugging or shaking hands when you see a friend


  • Indoor party
  • Playing contact sports, including full-court basketball (inside or outside)
  • Indoor theater performance
  • Going to a bar with no physical distancing
  • Sitting at a dining table with others while eating and not wearing masks
  • Watching sports in a crowded venue
  • Air travel
  • Being intimate with someone you don’t live with (hugging, kissing, touching, and sexual activity)

Interested in planning an event in person?

Follow IU's event committee request guidelines, even for events under 25 people. To reduce risks, do the following:

  • Host the event outdoors
  • Provide/require face masks
  • Provide/require use of hand sanitizer and opportunities to use proper hygiene
  • Do not share beverages or food unless individually wrapped (all food service guidance should be followed)
  • Provide cleaning supplies
  • Ensure that physical distancing can be and is maintained
  • Keep and maintain a guest list

Remember that city, county, and state gathering restrictions must be followed in addition to university policies.